2015: Commissioning of a new multi-function system with an output of 18,000 bottles/hour.

    2014: Finished goods warehouse extended by 10,000 m² and six loading ramps. Modernisation of the bottling plant. Construction of a sparkling wine centre of excellence. Construction of a new filling hall.

    2013: Tank storage capacity increased by 5 million litres. Jive is named the Top Brand of 2013 by the food magazine "Lebensmittel". Jive website goes live.


    2012: Sales exceeded 100 million bottles for the first time ever.

    2011: Graf Artos berry semi-sparkling wine awarded DLG Gold. Purchase of a new state-of-the-art labelling machine allows even more flexibility in packaging design.

    2010: Graf Artos is the only berry semi-sparkling wine in its category to receive a DLG award.

    2009: Implementation of the fourth bottling plant – capacities increased by a further 25,000 bottles an hour. Launch of the brand Herres Riesling sparkling wine.

    2008: Relaunch of the brand Herres Hochgewächs. Reorganisation of the factory shop. Introduction of Jive and Aperito, the cocktails with sparkling wine, which remain successful to this day.

    2007: Restructured as Herres Gruppe International with a new corporate identity.


    2006: Expansion of the finished product warehouse by a further 10,000 m².

    2005: Acquisition of a sleeve facility.

    2004: One of the first companies in the industry in Europe to receive IFS certification.

    2002: Introduction of the pre-mix brands Blizzard and Ustinoff.  Still the unrivalled market leaders in Germany today.

    1999: Development of new markets and target groups with Chiang Mai Kombucha – Herres's first non-alcoholic wellness drink.

    1994: First German company in the industry to receive ISO certification.

    1994: Takeover of the brand KELLER GEISTER – to date, well over 1 billion bottles have been sold.

    1991: Official opening of the world's largest sparkling wine bottling plant by EU Commissioner Bangemann. Filling capacity: 32,000 bottles an hour.


    1988: Creation of the first convenience cocktail, FASZINATION. Today an internationally distributed brand.

    1983: Launch of the brand Graf Artos – still one of the Herres Group's most successful brands today.


    1969: Development of the first export trading markets with the Benelux countries, followed in the 70s by the UK and Scandinavia – and to over 40 countries all over the world today.

    1968: Creation of the first strawberry sparkling wine, HERRES Erdbeer-Gold, which became the market leader in this segment within 5 years.

    1959: New company head office in Trier: due to the company's success, it relocated to new and much bigger premises in Trier.

    1954: Founding of the Peter Herres wine and sekt (sparkling wine) factory in Leiwen. First sparkling wine brand: HERRES Cabinet, which was to prove extremely successful at the time.