Award for Herres quality sparkling wine

At the 24th Berlin Wine Trophy 2020, the two quality sparkling wines Herres German Riesling extra dry and Chardonnay-Riesling extra dry received a silver medal.In 2019, our Herres Hochgewächs quality sparkling wine dry already won a gold medal. The Berlin Wine Trophy is Germany's most important and largest international wine tasting session*. We are very proud of these awards and see them as confirmation of our aspiration to produce high-grade quality sparkling wines.

*At the Berlin Wine Trophy, an independent jury of experts will taste sparkling wines. The jury consists of selected oenologists, sommeliers, experienced retailers, winemakers and trade journalists. The products are evaluated in a blind tasting using a 100-point scheme in accordance with the rules and regulations of the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) and the UIOE
Union Internationale des Œnologues). Unlike other competitions, only 30% of the products tasted will be honoured with a medal.
This means that only the best products receive an award.