Values and responsibility

Basic values

One key factor in our corporate policy is the observation of the ethical principles such as honesty, integrity and openness, as well as showing consideration for the interests and rights of our colleagues amongst each other, and towards our customers, partners and colleagues. We strive to constantly improve our company in every area and on every level. To this end, there are various specific organisational rules for all processes and methods that show us all were our tasks and responsibilities lie. All our staff acknowledge and treat the customer as the focal point of our company's endeavours.

Responsible pleasure

Sparkling wine and wine-based drinks represent pleasure and enjoyment to us. Alcohol is consumed on many occasions in our society, such as celebrations and special occasions, with a meal or for relaxation after a tiring day. Consumed in the right way, no one can object to this. Small amounts of alcohol are not harmful to healthy adults. However, we all know that alcohol misuse is associated with hidden dangers.

That is why we support various information and educational campaigns, such as Wine in Moderation ( and Don’t Drink and Drive ( for treating alcohol responsibly and observing youth protection legislation. We are of the example that alcohol should be avoided at work, for instance, and during pregnancy and lactation, when on medication and, especially, in traffic. 



The objectives of our activities are also defined by our efforts to preserve a healthy environment, and to protect natural resources. We want to avoid waste and treat the environment with care and consideration. This applies in particular to our consumption of water and energy and the disposal of waste. We therefore introduced an energy management system to DIN EN ISO 50001 with the aim of constantly improving our energy-related performance, increasing energy efficiency and thereby optimising our energy use.

Social and cultural commitment in the region

To us as a Trier-based company, it is a matter of course that we support charities (Nestwärme e.V. Deutschland, specific events and renowned associations in the region (Basketball Dolphins (Rollis) In doing so, we express our commitment to the town of Trier.