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April 2018: Limited Jive Party Edition for the 10th anniversary

With the limited “Party Edition” we are celebrating the success story of recent 10 years with our sparkling wine cocktails Jive. In spring 2008 Jive, the first ready to drink cocktail based on real sparkling wine, entered the German retail market. Soon, the bubbly cocktail with elderflower became a trend product. Today the Jive range includes the following flavors: elderflower, cherry blossom, strawberry, raspberry, black currant and peach-apricot as well as the two alcohol-free variants elderflower and strawberry.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary we have introduced the “Party Edition” with elderflower to the retail. With its especially created design we would like to thank all the numerous and loyal fans. Further promotions including a raffle are planned and will be announced at and via our Social Media channels.

August 2017: Romeo Bellini was awarded a DLG gold medal!

The fizzy frizzante with high content of peach pulp was recently tested by DLG, the German Agricultural Society. The result: Gold. The following was tested: sensory, appearance, structure, smell and taste, analysis (shelf life, use of additives, etc.) and the packaging.
Romeo Bellini Peach performed excellently following all defined criteria. DLG tests foods neutrally and independently in order to inform consumers about the quality with regards to consumer protection.

June 2017: Herry’s Sprizz: bitter-fruity cocktails

The quality sparkling cocktails available in Bitter Lemon and Tonic come low in alcohol with 4% vol. and are the latest innovation on the market of wine based beverages. Herry’s serves the trend of tart and fruity bitter drinks.

-    Packaging: tailor-made drop-shaped bottle, 0.75l
-    Closure: crown cork
-    Label: typical retro-looking design with special label format
-    Case: printed carton, unmixed, content: 6 x 0.75l, ideal for promotional positioning
-    Alcohol content: 4% vol.
Drinking recommendation: To be served well chilled in a tumbler or long drink glass together with some ice cubes, garnish with a slice of lemon.

March 2017: Jive Himbeere (raspberry) with quality sparkling wine is launched

The quality sparkling wine cocktail range Jive is extended by the flavor “raspberry”. The RTD cocktail is as fizzy as a quality sparkling wine and distinguishes itself by its special fruity taste of raspberries. Last summer this variety was already tested as limited “Ice Edition” in a white sleeved bottle. “The overall positive response from trade sector and consumers convinced us to establish this flavor in our general assortment” says Marc Herres, General Manager of the Herres Group.

Alcohol content: 5.9% vol

Drinking recommendation: the precious cocktail best develops its flavor well chilled in a sparkling wine glass.

So far the assortment of Jive with quality sparkling wine consists of six flavors: strawberry, black currant, hibiscus flower, elderflower, cherry blossom and peach-apricot. The brand family also includes alcohol-free varieties in the flavours elderflower and strawberry.

11.03.2016: Jive Erdbeere (strawberry) now available in an alcohol-free version

The sparkling wine producer HERRES enlarge its famous cocktail range Jive with an alcohol- free version of the successful flavor strawberry.
In spring 2013 Herres has already launched the alcohol-free cocktail Jive Holunder (elderflower). Due to the high demand Herres is offering the Jive Erdbeere (strawberry) alcohol-free in 0.75l sparkling wine bottle since early 2016.

Jive Erdbeere (strawberry) alcohol-free is made with alcohol-free wine and strawberry juice. The full sparkling wine pressure guarantees a fizzy delight. “Jive Erdbeere alcohol-free is a light version, that tastes as excellent as the original sparkling wine cocktail with alcohol”, says marketing director Barbara Dubus.

Pleasure without any regrets: a sparkling alternative that suits to any occasions – served at brunch, at a garden party, during business meetings or at other special events.

11.03.2016: Jive Kirschblüte (cherry blossom) is „product of the year 2016“

Elected by consumers: Jive Kirschblüte has been awarded a bronze medal

The German trade magazine “Lebensmittel Praxis” has awarded the best and most successful innovations in the German food industry. Within the category “wine, sparkling wine, champagne” JIVE with sparkling wine & cherry blossom has been awarded as “Produkt des Jahres 2016 – Bronze” (product of the year 2016 – bronze).

The consumers appreciate the special taste as well as the modern and appealing design. The product is valued as attractive and exactly meets the expectations of the consumers.

The award “Produkt des Jahres” (product of the year) enjoys an excellent reputation among the consumers and is the most known mark on the German market.

About Jive Kirschblüte (cherry blossom):
With its wonderful scent of cherry blossom and fine cherry flavor it is a unique taste experience. The success of Jive is based on the used sparkling wine as its full pressure guarantees a fizzy taste and underlines this perfect cocktail composition.