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Sparkling. Aromatic. Less sweet - this is the new concept of the successful brand Jive

The tangy taste of Jive is wonderfully refreshing and does not taste too sweet. Enjoy the unique, carefree attitude to life, with sparkling wine & tempting flavors. Ideal for the special moments in life!


  • Elderflower
    0.2 l / 0.75 l
  • Strawberry
    0.2 l / 0.75 l
  • Cassis
    0.75 l
  • Peach-Apricot
    0.75 l
  • Raspberry
    0.75 l
    Cherry Blossom
    0.75 l
  • Currant
    0.75 l

product information


Flavoured wine-based cocktail

Alcohol by volume:



Always serve well-chilled in a champagne glass or over ice as a long drink.