Schloss Trier

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Schloss Trier sparkling wine, produced at the heart of the Moselle region, combines culture with the tradition of sparkling wine and lifestyle. Schloss Trier sparkling wine has set a trend with its high-quality brand design, and has become extremely successful and well-known both nationally and internationally. This sparkling wine is the right cuvée for all connoisseurs.


  • Sparkling wine semi-dry
    0.2 l / 0.75 l
  • Sparkling wine dry
    0.2 l / 0.75 l
  • Sparkling wine Rosé
    0.2 l / 0.75 l

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Alcohol by volume:



Quality sparkling wine


Relax with Schloss Trier sparkling wine served well-chilled in a champagne glass, or to celebrate a special occasion.