Keller Geister

Fine, fresh, lively

Keller Geister Secco is fine, fresh and lively – and you'll love it! Recommendation: Enjoyed at the optimum temperature of approx. 7°C, Keller Geister Secco is a sparkling pleasure for any occasion – harmonious and pleasant in flavour.

Tip: Keller Geister Secco is ideal for mixing cocktails or punches, but also a bubbly delight enjoyed pure.


  • Semi-sparkling wine dry
    0.75 l / 1 l (offers)

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Semi-sparkling wine

Alcohol by volume:


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The production method – carbonated from its own fermentation – is unique! Keller Geister is far superior in quality to other semi-sparkling wines, which are made by adding artificial carbon dioxide. The cuvée composition of selected wines guarantees uncomplicated enjoyment.